Hen-Do in Magaluf! (Minus The Penis Straws)

When my bridesmaids first asked me what I wanted to do for my hen do, all I knew was that I didn’t want penis straws or inflatable willies.

After we discussed a few ideas: a spa weekend in the Lake District, wine tasting in London, a trip to Centre Parcs – we ironically settled on the one place we were guaranteed to encounter willy accessories – no other than the classic hen do destination of Magaluf, Spain.

We booked ourselves into a rather sophisticated hotel (ME Mallorca), located next to the famous Nikki Beach, where we were greeted by beautiful receptionists dressed in white, offering us a glass of bubbly on arrival – always a good way to start the holiday!


Our first full day began on Saturday where we all met for breakfast and what a breakfast is was. I began by helping myself to churros in melted chocolate, coupled with a selection of fruit and yogurt presented in a fancy glass jar. But I was a Brit abroad so of course I also had a full English breakfast (needed the calories for all the sunbathing ahead).

The food was amazing but it was the company that will make me cherish the memory forever. My bridesmaids are my best friends from school, my sister and my fiancé’s sister. The conversation between the seven of us was so effortless. I had difficulty swallowing my three cups of coffee with all the laughing I was doing!

Afterwards, we spent the day sunbathing and cooling off in the blue sea where we chatted about our plans for next year’s girly holiday (we’re thinking Ibiza).

Later on in the evening we freshened ourselves up and went to a lovely little Italian restaurant for our evening meal. We were treated to two shots of Limoncello each by a waiter who was probably a Labrador in his past life. But before one of the bridesmaids, Kelsie, could have her after dinner shot, she had to leave due to “tummy troubles”.


Little did I know that she had actually gone back to the hotel to transform our room into the perfect party venue: there were balloons filled with glitter, photo props, rose gold confetti, bottles of champagne, sashes and team bride golden tattoos – such a sparkly surprise! (Thank you Ginger Ray for your decorations that don’t feature any penises).

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.57.11

After squealing with delight and feeling grateful that Kelsie wasn’t actually ill, I quickly changed into a dress, put my bride-to-be sash on and poured myself a drink. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and a handy man entered the room. Omg, they’ve organised a stripper, I thought! But instead of asking: “Which one is the bride?”, he asked where the thermostat was situated and promptly left after fixing it, without taking his pants off. What a relief! Once he left we all got back on the bubbly and glamorous Kelsie hosted a couple of party games before we headed out to the strip where we danced our tushies off.

I was hoping to have fun on my hen do but it was better than I could ever have imagined. My bridesmaids make me feel so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life and I couldn’t imagine getting married without having them by my side. Bring on the wedding!

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