Thinking of Trying a Hollywood Wax?

Article written in 2018

Last year I finally bit the bullet and had my first ever wax.

Reasons I had previously chosen shaving/hair removal cream over waxing:

  1. Didn’t want a stranger to see my special lady area
  2. Didn’t think I could handle the pain
  3. Thought the whole thing would be terribly embarrassing

I booked myself in for a bikini line wax rather than a Brazilian because I thought this was a good option for a beginner. Upon arriving at the salon my beautician invited me straight up to the therapy room where she explained that she prefers it if I remove my panties but I could wear the paper thong if I didn’t want to bare all. I figured she must see intimate parts everyday so I decided to leave the paper pants on the side. Laying on the bed naked from the waist down, feeling rather awkward, I waited for her to enter the room again.

When she returned I told her I hadn’t been waxed before and she said: “We’ll see how we get on. We won’t remove too much today if you’re new to this”. Her demeanour made me feel so comfortable that I almost forgot I was knickerless.

She began to apply the first bit of wax to my skin and I prepared myself for some serious pain. Gritting my teeth and sweating like a polar bear in a sun bed, I felt her rip off the first bit of wax.

***News flash!!!***

It wasn’t painful! At least not painful enough to make any song and dance about. I had imagined it would be something like that scene in 40 Year Old Virgin so my mental preparation had been rather excessive.


I got chatting with my beautician about Love Island and she was telling me who she thought was the fittest guy in the villa when she stopped and said: “Well, there’s no going back now, I think you’re having it all off!”. We had been so busy nattering away that I hadn’t noticed that she had almost removed everything.

She asked if I wanted to go for a Hollywood and I said “Why not!?”. Before I knew it she was asking me to turn over and open my buttocks up so she could apply hot wax where the sun don’t shine.

Afterwards I felt as smooth as Galaxy chocolate and knew that I would never go back to shaving.

In conclusion:

  1. Another lady seeing your lady area really isn’t a big deal
  2. The pain is minimal
  3. It’s only embarrassing if you or your beautician make it awkward

If you’re reluctant to try intimate waxing for any of those reasons then I’d say give it a go!

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