Feeling Self Conscious?

Have you ever said or done something stupid and thought the world is there watching, judging or laughing at you? It may feel that way, but most people are too busy in their own heads for you to occupy their thoughts. That trip you did walking into a meeting may feel like the fail of the century to you, but others will have forgotten about it by the time you sit down.

Yesterday I was in the supermarket and I had an encounter that made me realise we’re often self conscious unnecessarily. I was in the cosmetics aisle looking for soap and I could not seem to find it, so I was walking round with my confused face on. I passed a lady and heard her say something about grapes. I assumed she must be talking to someone else and ignored her. She then made eye contact with me and with a sheepish look on her face said, “My grapes never make it home!” At that point I realised she was eating grapes from her trolley. She must have assumed that I “caught” her doing it and felt the need to comment. In reality, I was too busy looking for the damn soap to notice her!

So next time you do something a bit embarrassing, don’t dwell on it. Most likely people are too busy thinking about their own business to have even noticed!

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